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The purpose of this site is to socialize issues that will impact local residents. We encourage all residents to attend the township meetings to gain a better understanding on current topics. This is not an official government website, nor is it endorsed by the Township. It might be viewed more as a watchdog for current political issues. Stay tuned.

Robbinsville Airport Expansion

The owner of the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport has submitted a proposal to extend the current airport facilities. The proposal includes the creation of a corporate terminal and office complex, an extension of the usable runway surface for arriving aircraft, the construction of new hangars and tie-down areas, and a 300 foot diversion of Spring garden road. If approved, this proposal would lead to an increase in air traffic, noise and pollution. [Full story - updated 11/24/99]

Town Center

The Washington Township Planning board is refining a plan to create a mixed residential and commercial zone called the Town Center on route 33 and Route 130. A master plan is a necessary part of the Township's development, but this one would seem to create a congested area with increased traffic, population and crime. [Full story - updated 9/15/99]

Edelweiss Gardens

The Township is considering a purchase of the Edelweiss Gardens nursery on Route 526 with plans to build a Maintenance Lot. Maintenance lots are usually home to dump trucks, lawn mowers and construction machinery. They are also storage locations for recyclables, mulch, sand, and gravel.

Meeting Schedules

Agenda to be updated soon!

Past Meetings

Tuesday September 21, 1999 - The Republican Club Meeting (the current Township Committee is Republican) will be held at the Miry Run Country Club. The owner of the Airport (Mark Santerian) also owns the Country Club. We would hope this will not influence any decisions on the airport proposal. The Republican Club previously held meetings at the Township Library.

Thursday September 23, 1999 7:30 PM - Township Committee Meeting which will include the airport proposal on the agenda and will allow public discussion. The meeting will be at the Pond Road Middle School.

General Questions about the Township

What is the prevailing political party of the Washington Township Committee? The Township Committee is comprised of Republicans. The Republicans have dominated the township government since the late 1980's. Seeing how the Democratic Party did not present any candidates this past November, the Republicans continue to hold the reins.

Who is the Mayor? Glen Beebe reportedly moved out of the Township and was replaced by Vince Calcagno.

Who recently was elected to the Township Committee? Dick Folsom and Doug Tindall were elected. They ran unopposed and based on their election time mailings promised to "(Oppose) any airport expansion that will increase air traffic and threaten the safety of students at the Sharon Elementary School". We wonder what they would deem an expansion that would not increase air traffic.

Do all of the committee members live in Washington Township? There is no requirement that board members must live in the Township, but it would certainly seem to be a good idea to implement such a restriction ( Township Administrator Mike Dill lives in Hamilton).

Who has rotated through other public positions in the Township? Ex-Mayor Ed Nelson is currently on the Township planning board.

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